Get ahead of the game with no-code tools. Learn concepts and get super-efficient in product-delivery.
Launching your business quickly is crucial, but don't forget the importance of optimizing payment costs for the future of your online business.
If you are starting an online business, make sure to understand how to optimize payment transaction costs.

December 2022

Optimize software testing for faster but stable product delivery.

November 2022

We judge. We criticize. We talk about wrongness of others. How to make communication with coworkers efficient?
When could I expect a promotion, as I feel I'm performing on senior level?
It become quite challenging for me to find someone who did not experience burnout recently. Studies show that the most affected industries in the US are…

October 2022

In todays IT market, is it better to be a specialist, a generalist or something else?

March 2022

What is causing impostor syndrome? ❗Disclaimer: Impostor syndrome is a psychological state and I'm not a domain expert. I just learned how to overcome…

January 2022

In fall 2021, AWS introduced an extra S3 storage class - Glacier Instant Retrieval. This brings us to a total of eight S3 storage classes offering…

November 2021

This is the pragmatic comparison of tools my team used extensively. We are a distributed team, in a startup company, working on software development for…
Development, resilience, security. All have greater priority than cost management. Yet, if costs are not managed on time, it can have a significant…